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With experienced and knowledgeable employee Logper renews continually by following the technology closely. And promise to bring the latest technology and offers to its customers.
Logper, with its knowledge and experience, provides customer-oriented solutions for the ICT industry.
The importance of experience, knowledge, reasoning and powerful methodology is inevitable to perform a comprehensive study in  design of new processes, evaluation and application of software and choosing hardware options and the selection of tools to be used.

Owing to the 14 years knowledge and Know-How Software Logper improves solutions by adapting the principle of trust.


Logper provides timely, trustworthy, superior information technology by using consulting services. First of all, Logper consultants start to work by understanding customer’s purpose and limitations in the field of information technology, aid customers with software development, project management, infrastructure support, requirements analysis, needs assessment, inspection and strategic IT planning.

Logper, offers value-added solutions for project management. Logper, believing in that an accomplished project is construct by a true partnership with customers and a tight project methodology, provides a system solutions, close to the goal, by working closely with clients from the beginning to the end of each project.
Technology solutions are accommodated a with respect to the corporate needs by cooperating with the customer from collecting the needs to expanding. All expectations are met by constantly checking all the step, passed.

Logper consultants have experiences in new information technologies. In this way, it is easy to provide reliable and resilient technology solutions for its customers. For Logper it is very important to keep up with today’s frequently changing business environment.


Logper’s technical expertise provides substantial worth to their customers. Logper works closely with the employer and management staff for the find true and educated personnel for a specific project. In this context, it provides direct consultancy services and coaches the current staff of the customer or assists in hiring process of new personnel.

Logper has been business partner with customers for short and long term projects, when offering consulting services. Logper consultants have the technical expertise and equipment to meet respond to the needs of customers.

Logper provide world-wide solutions by using their own Customer-specific project teams. Without company’s size or smallity, without acting sideways Logper tries to produce solutions.

For organizational success, it is very significant to find right and experienced technical staff member. So, territorial regional network makes it easier to access the technical staff specializing in different sectors.

In this way, this provides a chance for Logper to solve the requirement for staff in different kind of sectors such as engineering, arts, manufacturing, BT and service. Logper personnel specialists create the profile according to the requested skills of the position.
Logper supply technical professionals for all kinds of needs;

  • Software developers
  • Web developers
  • Database specialists
  • Project managers
  • Help desk support professionals

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