Auto Balance Sheet

Auto Balance Sheet

It is an application that provides by reaching related company/individual registration via VKN/TCKN numbers. It provides Tax Declaration, Provisional Tax Declaration and Trial Balance files upload/saved to the system an archieved by versioning for re-use.

It chooses Previously loaded files about Tax Declaration, Provisional Tax Declaration and Trial Balance about using for sourcing from system and it controls all spread files from one point and it operates them maximum productivity.

To make the intelligence process more efficient
Evaluating risks, making rational risk measurement and analysis
All data on one screen

Spread produces according to SME’s and Corporations’s template.

Spread Specifications
  • Keeps the files used as sources together with spreads in a systematic way for reuse.
  • To provide examine spread more detailed, It displays the amount that registered files in to the system and properly Uniform Order Account Plan.
  • It provides to reach pages that spread files listed. Also, it ensures to reach files that use to create spread files.
  • The files that saved on the system can be downloaded.

Specifications that speed up data access and make more functional.

Other Specifications
  • It provides strong integration with present operational system to receive Individual and Institution customer’s company information
  • Prevent from nonstandard spread formation by avoiding problems caused by manual entries.
  • Information can be saved in the database, reported, updated and archived.
  • Raise up labor productivity in top level.
  • Avoid waste of time and cost loss.
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