E-Guarantee Letters

E-Letter of Guarantee Platform

Operational risks have been minimized by transferring the exchange of letters of guarantee between the Bank / Addressee / Beneficiary to the electronic environment.
To make the intelligence process more efficient
Evaluating risks, making rational risk measurement and analysis
All data on one screen
  • Counterfeiting has been prevented.
  • There is an advantage in transaction costs.
  • Manual maturity tracking is eliminated.
  • It carries the authorized e-signatures.
  • There is no need for physical archiving.
  • Operational efficiency has increased.
  • It is also completely protected from risks such as error, loss, and casualties.
  • Maturity extension
  • Partial / Full refund
  • Release request
  • Partial / full compensation
  • Asking fate
  • Refund / Release
  • Editing answer
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