Information Support System

We keep going to grow up and expansion. As the growth progresses, following the problems and requirements increase at the same proportion. Therefore, follow up is getting hard equally. Take into consideration this factor we developed TICKET RAIL. We ensure conveniences to our customers to keep order up and follow until the all problem and requirements to be solved until the end.

  • All requirements can be grouped dynamically to make access easier.
  • Authorize demand entry on the basis of the group and it can make job distribution within the organization.
  • Requested Special screens can be contrived only by using managing screens without any technical knowledge.
  • If required, special documents can be added upon request and it would be able to allow following.
  • For getting back and interim information, sms, email and fax communication implement can be used.
  • It makes it possible to report and follow up performed operations.
To make the intelligence process more efficient
Evaluating risks, making rational risk measurement and analysis
All data on one screen

Through management screen

  • Able to group your transactions,
  • To be able to design your processes related to your transactions,
  • Able to define the areas that you can use in the screens,
  • You can make all your needs in modular way by yourself very easily. Also, you can involve your other applications and defined integrations in to the process.

Ticket Rail has a handy interface to follow up business on the system. In this interface;

  • There can be action at your operations,
  • Possible to make job assignments,
  • Possible to learn status knowledge about active processes,
  • Possible to see past period transactions.
Collateral Check Intelligence
Auto Balance Sheet


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High Level Support

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Data Integrity

Works in line with generally accepted accounting principles.


Responsive interface design makes it easy to work on the touch screen.