One Click Intelligence

The one-button intelligence product consists of the following headings:

Institutional KKB (Credit Registry Bureau) and Individual KKB Online Polling, Risk Center Alone Interrogation (Cheque Index limit, Risk Limit), Court Registration/UYAP (National Judiciary Informatic System), Tax Shameless, E- Expropriation (GİB (Revenue Administration) and SGK (Social Security Institution)

  • We make interrogation for intelligence type, by using TCKN/VKN or Customer Number.
  • We reach intelligence information for our customers more extensive and more efficiently in a short period that who has a credibility risk or who is under possibility a potential credibility risk. In this way, we avoid our customer to prevent wasting time, giving less effort and accelerate giving decision period.
  • For Customer, Shareholder (Partner), Guarantor and Institutional Representatives, we interrogate obligor and all the components that have a relationship. This kind of long time process is more easier and shorter with ONE-BUTTON INTELLIGENCE module to make all process collectively and at one heat predefined. In this way, we save time and decrease the cost.
  • Both the shareholder and guarantor are merged in a single relationship and reflected on the screen as a Partner- Guarantor query result.
  • All interrogations take about two minutes on an average.
  • All interrogations in summary screen can be print out in excel and pdf format.
  • For more detailed research, it is enable to provide detailed review with guidance from summary screen
  • By using “Decision Support” and “Summary” screen, it is enable to watch and list all the above-mentioned queries types collectively and together.
To make the intelligence process more efficient
Evaluating risks, making rational risk measurement and analysis
All data on one screen
Corporational Inquiry

KKB involves, Institution and natural person imprint information, share capital based connection knowledge, credit account and payment schedule, collaterals, import-export information, bounced check, prohibition of contracting and consolidated knowledge.

Declaration Specification;

Periodically provided information from data sources are converted to desired format of the KKB and data reporting processes are performed scope with in project.

Interrogation Specification;

The product is upgraded and designed to make interrogation by using KKB system. When the interrogations are actualized from KKB, all information keep in the archive of institution. Thus, the system can make interrogate primarily in its own structure.

Individual Inquiry

All open account where the consumer is in the “debtor” and “guarantor” position embraces, closed accounts with in five years, applications within six years, and credit repayment performance information in last 36 month.

Additional Specifications:

  • Incorporating household information in to the interrogation
  • 300 parameters for decision system (allocation, risk, portfolio systems)
  • Print excel format information results obtained from interrogation
  • Mass interrogation can be done through interface
  • Tendency and collection scores
Check Index Report

This index report can evaluate of legal person or natural entity’s check payment manner, if lived any trouble, index report calculate this problem by reflecting number and quantity of this manner

Cross Check Relation

This system is developed to interrogate to crosswise association information between latest endorser who sight check to the bank and drawee.

Injective Relief Check Given by Court

The decisions about prohibition of opening cheque account and editing are took place in T.C. Ministry of Justice UYAP (National Judiciary Informatics System). The information that shared in two separate structures are transferred to the system and access is provided from interrogating screen on the date of UYAP application come in to force before and after date of 01.07.2010.

Decisions about opening cheque account and editing prohibition

Injective Relief abolish by court and shared with risk center, given, transfer the cancelled checks to the system, able to interrogate from screen.

In Suspending bankruptcy, doer, sharing about asking for concordat

Injective Relief abolish by court and shared with risk center, given, transfer the cancelled checks to the system, able to interrogate from screen.

Limit Risk Report

Past payment performance report about legal person or natural entity about credit product used from bank.

Additional Specifications:

  • The notification periods take place in Interrogation conclusion, in respect of this information, it provides quick access the data for relevant period.
  • Through period report, risk group data (cash + following) and (non-cash + following) are made in certain times through the period report.
Auto Balance Sheet
Krizpro Module


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