Rediscount Loans

Rediscount Loans

Transactions carried out in physical environment within the scope of CBRT RKYS have been transferred to electronic environment.
The specified transactions are recorded electronically and submitted for the approval of the manager.
The transaction is carried out with the approval of the manager.
To make the intelligence process more efficient
Evaluating risks, making rational risk measurement and analysis
All data on one screen

With the launch of the Rediscount Credits Project, the processes accelerated
Our business partners have saved a significant amount of time and cost.
We continue to support our customers with our corporate solutions.

  • Policy Creation
  • Loan Repayment
  • Commitment Closing
  • Commitment Extension
  • Commitment Penalty Application
  • Policy Information Inquiry
  • Loan Payment Inquiry
  • Commitment Inquiry
  • Commitment Transaction Inquiry
  • Balance Query
  • Bank Limit Inquiry
  • Company Limit Inquiry
E-Guarantee Letters


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